Sustainably farmed seafood of Tasmania

Pacific Oysters

Available as:

  • Fresh Half Shell
  • Fresh Whole Shell
  • Frozen Whole Shell
  • Frozen Half Shell

Black Lipped Abalone

Available as:

  • Strips in Retort Pouches
  • Strips in Cans (or alternative)

Atlantic Salmon

Available as:

  • Fillets Frozen
  • Fillets Fresh
  • Portions Frozen
  • Portions Fresh
  • HOG
  • Smoked

Tiger Prawns


Available as:

  • Raw Frozen
  • Cooked Frozen


We supply the world with clean, sustainable seafood.

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Hybrid Black Tiger Abalone

HVS have access to a unique Tasmanian supply base of hybrid Abalone.

With its amazing results from its Hatchery, Nursery and Juveniles into development of its mature stock HVS Abalone have developed our very own unique Black Tiger Abalone Stock.

These abalone are fast growing, amazing flavour and very robust.

Grown from the pristine waters of Bass Strait and using the cleanest air in the world as noted at Cape Grim, simply a few Kilometres as the crow flies down the road.

This gives our Black Tigers a real distinct advantage.

Our amazing Team at HVS Aquaculture bring all their skills to the fore in running a very smart operation.

Tasmanian Abalone and Sea Urchins

Our second site is currently another Tasmanian abalone farm, which we are looking at running firstly in conjunction with HVS Abalone and implementing a single model business management team, to operate both businesses.

This site would also turn into a sea urchin aquaculture farm as well with the current system split to be able to grow both abalone and sea urchins.

The abalone would be developed from the Black Tiger hybrid in Tasmania.

The sea urchins would be Helio’s sourced from wild stocks originally (quota not utilised for Roes) either grown out for harvest or utilised for spawning and hatchery and nursery development. These would then be grown out on farm for roe harvesting in the future.

Wild Fishery

The cleanest wide range of sustainably caught fish in the world from the Tasman Sea, Bass Strait and Great Southern Ocean.

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