Integrated Platform

Huon Valley Seafood is a vertically integrated platform that allows the cleanest most sustainable seafood products here in Tasmania, access to the global market.

Our business ecosystem allows small fishermen, larger fish companies or large and small aquaculture producers access to both domestic and international markets, and our domestic and global market participants can buy seafood at the best value for the price, freshest processed, sustainably harvested and available globally.

Our ability to supply niche long-term markets is first class.

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Our Huon Valley Seafood collaborative platform supports Australian wild fisheries and aquaculture with

  • value-added processing
  • manufacture
  • storage and cool chain logistics

we also link value-added products to global buyers.

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Distribution via our collaborative partners gives Huon Valley Seafood and its global supply chain access second to none.

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Through our vertically integrated partners, our R&D with our new product development division utilises the best of the best. With new technology at the forefront of food technology being our everyday platform.

The ability to grow the product and development of value-adding is what makes us stand out from the pack.