Climate and Geography of Tasmania

Tasmania is the smallest state of the Commonwealth of Australia, but its’ size has not stopped it becoming one of the prime farming regions in the country. Geographically located between latitudes 40 degrees and 44 degrees south, it is surrounded by the Great Southern Ocean to the West and South, the Tasman Sea to the East, and Bass Strait to the North.

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Tasmania is a pristine place where the air masses roll in consistently from the oceanic west via the “Roaring Forties”, bringing some of the world’s cleanest air, along with rain that is pure enough to bottle. The air in the north-west of our main island is reportedly amongst the cleanest recorded in any populated place globally (Cape Grim weather station).

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From “ocean to table” with a traceable product through our supply chain to its origin, our seafood is the cleanest in the world.

As a farming region, the location and natural qualities of Tasmania make it a pure and naturally rich environment in which to raise our stock. Because it is at the Southernmost tip of Australia, it has cooler climates and naturally grasses for the animals to feed and grow on, and despite being only 2.5% of Australia’s land mass, it receives 14% of our total rainfall, creating rich green grasses full of nutrients for most of the year. Therefore, in many of its water catchment areas Tasmania does not have the water supply constraints experienced in other parts of Australia and much of the world. This cool climate and abundant high-quality feed allow the animals to reach their required weight at a slower speed, creating extra flavour and tenderness that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

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As an island, Tasmania has a clear biosecurity advantage. Tasmania’s biosecurity system is at the very core of the Tasmanian brand as its natural environmental values and quality produce relies upon the state’s relative freedom from pests, weeds and diseases, including bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and Aphtae epizooticae (foot and mouth disease).

In addition, Tasmania is the only state in Australia where it is against the law to feed any animals growth promotants or hormones, enabling Huon Valley Seafoods and JST Aquaculture to supply totally natural Seafood to our domestic and export markets. The Tasmanian Government has maintained a moratorium on commercial release of genetically modified organisms (GMO) to the Tasmanian environment.

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Our seafood operation has direct links to the best ocean and aquaculture producers in the world all from our own backyard in Tasmania Australia.

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