Our integrated platform is home for wild fishery and aquaculture farmers, we provide streamlined services direct link to markets and the end users, our streamlined process, packaging and storage, and logistic services has become a “one-stop-shop” to your product value-adding, allow your fresh seafood to keep fresh and to supply all-year-around.

AD Starboard

Our partnerships with fishermen, fish companies & aquaculture companies allows us to offer the following services

  • High value-added processing
  • Blast freezing
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Logistic
  • Product traceability
  • Product marketing
  • Global market access

Our suppliers and customers include the biggest names in the Australian fishery industry

Richey Fishing

Third generation family owned seafood business in Tasmania. The Richey family bring unique skills to wild catch fishing in Tasmanian waters. Their relationship with HVS has been developed over decades and is poised to grow even further in the coming years.

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Australian Longline

Australian longline fish in the extreme pristine Antarctic waters, breaking the ice for the prized Antarctic and Patagonian Toothfish. Pioneering a sustainable future is Australian Longline's passion, taking an innovative approach to sustainability with continuous improvement being a major focus. They have developed unique environmentally friendly technologies on their vessels which go above and beyond industry standards. As their name suggests, they are committed to longline fishing which is superior in its fishing technique for supporting sustainable fisheries. Operating since 1996, their company’s collective experience, leadership and presence in the fishing industry makes them a pioneer in the commitment to a sustainable future.

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The Antarctic Aurora

Australian Longline is excited to introduce the 62 metre Antarctic Aurora to its fleet to operate within the toothfish fisheries that are managed by CCAMLR and AFMA under the strictest environmental conditions found in any fishery in the world. This deepwater longline vessel has been purposefully designed and built to catch fish from depths down to 2000 metres within the Southern Ocean where strong winds, huge seas and freezing conditions are relentless.

Forager Foods

Forager Foods joins our team at HVS and brings a whole new exciting chapter in innovative development with our teams for the future. Specialising in Freeze Drying and extending product life with new applications it adds a whole new future direction to our company. We are truly looking forward to new product development for a truly innovative future.

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Redefining the food experience

A short story about the Forager Food Co. - Australia's premium freeze drying business based in Tasmania.

Wildcatch Diving

Wildcatch Diving harvest wild sustainable seafood from the pristine waters of Tasmania, specialising in Abalone, Sea Urchin and Periwinkle. With over a decade of experience in harvesting, they supply the best quality product available.

JST Abalone

JST are one of our strategic partners, developing and growing prized Tasmanian farmed Abalone. Utilising the pristine waters of Bass Strait and their amazing worker's skillsets, they bring another unique opportunity to bring Tasmanian seafood to the world.

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Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes of JST's Abalone Farm in Stanley, Tasmania to learn about how they produce the highly sort after delicacy that is enjoyed by locals and people from all around the world.